Swatch securement

We are particularly keen on aesthetic presentation of materials in sample books, so we offer the following choices depending on the type of material:

  • pinking without additional serging (e.g. fleece, natural and faux leather)
  • pinking with chemical securing of the edges; a method recommended especially where time and money play a major role
  • pinking fabrics protected by hot-stamped paper applied on fabrics
  • pinking fabrics protected by hot-stamped tape applied on fabrics
  • securing fabrics with hot-stamped mesh
  • serging with fishing line and thread
  • securing fabrics with thermolining or fabric carrier on swatch cards
  • regular frame or masking frame of any shape

Technical details

Click on the selected image to see the technical details of individual sampling products.

Our solutions match your industry and needs: they can be large or small, encompassing mixed content or presenting lines of products and collections.

They present fabrics and upholstery coordinated in impressive collections. They are often put into exclusive and large covers with gilding or corner protectors.

They enable presentation in larger spaces, on stands and in showrooms.

They make contracts easier and attract clients with their contents. They negotiate the conditions of cooperation with the vendor or sales specialist.

Convenient, integrated and in commonly used formats. Ideal for completing your offer or introducing new products with no need to replace the entire sampling solution.

A pretty and effective way to present color ranges in multi-panel catalogs or folders. Ideal for work in architectural and interior design studios.

Box sets are the perfect solution for sales representatives.

Sample palettes is the most popular form to present materials such as paper, paints, furniture fronts, wood or carpeting.

Cases containing samples are the perfect solution to present and transport samples. Cases make keeping order easy.

Together, let’s create unique sample collections to present your offer in full.

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